Thursday, November 15, 2007

Ben's Bitches Album Launch Party & Paul's Place 6th Anniversary

A Ben's Bitches Band party organized by Disarseter Records and Paul's Place will be held on 3rd of November 2007 at 8.00 p.m. Also attending are Carburetor Dung (one of my favourite band), Ciplak, Onani and many more.No need to pay entrance fee because it is totally free. Just attend, enjoy and hang out with the bands. This party also celebrate the 6th anniversary of Paul's Place. Lets us support this great band stuff at the great place.

PunkRock Against War

To all PunkRocka and Music Lovers,maybe this is the event that you looking for.Take place at Wisma Oh Kongsi Weld Quey,The Island of Pearl (Penang). The event bring to you great band with a great performance.It will be held on 25 of November 2007 and the show will be start at 1 p.m. till all the performance was over.The entrance fee is affordable, RM10 per entry.
The bands that will perform on that evening are Killing Steward, Tim Yohanon, Skatanixs, Dumdumtak, Gangbuster and Bugstar.
What more do you want? Great performance,Great Band with affordable entrance fee,let us support this event.Let us make it remembered november evening..Cheers~!
For more info about the event,you can contact Ruhaifi at his cell phone 0123580045.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

One Night At The Annexe

The event was around the corner..this is "One Night At The Annexe" bring the performance by local indie bands such as THE FLAMING LUNATICS,COUPLE,DESERTERS,THEY WILL KILL US ALL,THE OTHERSIDE ORCHESTRA,LUNCHBOX,ANGLES ROCK OUT,POPCORN and OH CHENTAKU. The event will take place on 10th of November 2007 at 6:15p.m. The organizer of this event is Micro Music and supported by Week End Mail,ROTTW and Don't Panic. The entrance fee is RM13 per head and special price for ROTTWailers(The members of ROTTW) only RM10 is charged per head.
For more information,you can call Mika-0162650379 or PakTam-0173916286 to ask where the event will be held because I have not receive any infiormation regarding the place.Or you might want to check out the organizer's website

Thursday, June 14, 2007

SpotLight MalayaBand (Hujan)

Hujan (Which brings mean "Rain" in Malay) is another Malaysia band that formed in early 2006,this band consists of Noh as vocalist and also second guitarist, Dimas on bass, Iyag on 1st guitar and Ambobzeela on drums. Influenced by a diverse range of bands which include the likes of The Strokes, Butterfingers, and even Pot Amir Radiostaq, Hujan prefers to classify their music as alternative rock and has no qualms about delivering their material in Malay. Living and breathing the element they take their name after, their music alternates between the light, heavy and the torrential storm a reflection of the many stories, moods and agendas embedded in their songs. They sing about everything from love, God, family and to the happenings of the world.

The fans of hujan was described by them as Rangers or Raingers or Raintai.As I look at their MySpace page ( ,currently they are busy with many shows around Kuala Lumpur and Selangor. Maybe they should perform at another state sometimes (hope there are organizers would bring them to perform after reading this article)

How's their sound?
They have just released their 1st EP titled " 1,2,3 go?" which include 6 songs all of them.
1.Kuala Lumpur
3.Ahmoi Chantek
5.Pagi Yang Gelap
6.Sekejap Sahaja

Me also listen to their songs and in love with their songs.Me personally really love "Pagi yang Gelap" and "Hiba".What should i say about their songs..hurm.. they're sound like The Strokes sings in Malay,it's great! .For those who are intrested to buy this band's CD or T-Shirt must go to their shows because only right there they sell those merchandise.

The price of their Cd is RM10, must prepare enough money to buy their CD before you go to their shows.haha.Trust me,you'll absolutely buy it. For more info about this band,you may go to their myspace and get some listening of their lovely demo songs right there. Hope you enjoy their songs and become another Raingers next time. Cheers.

Next Event Of Hujan:

Check Out Their Demo Songs.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Some thought by my International Friend (Reprobate)

Originally Posted by Reprobate View Post
With a self review like that I almost didn't go.

But then I thought it could be worse, you could talk it up and say it's fantastic and then I'd go over and be bitterly disappointed.

So without any high expectations I checked them out. And the first two were pretty ordinary.

But this one: I like.

I have not heard of any of the bands. I may not even like their music. But I love the fact (and I'm hoping you were the originator of the material and didn't scrape it from someone elses site) that you made a blog about Malaysian bands.

Keep updating it. Provided of course you haven't exhausted the talent pool of bands in Malaysia. I don't know, I've never come across any of these bands before. But it's good that someone is taking the time to let the world know.

I got this thought after i submit this blog's URL to be critique.Thanks for the thought man..I'm really relieved when someone can appreciate my work.

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