Thursday, November 15, 2007

PunkRock Against War

To all PunkRocka and Music Lovers,maybe this is the event that you looking for.Take place at Wisma Oh Kongsi Weld Quey,The Island of Pearl (Penang). The event bring to you great band with a great performance.It will be held on 25 of November 2007 and the show will be start at 1 p.m. till all the performance was over.The entrance fee is affordable, RM10 per entry.
The bands that will perform on that evening are Killing Steward, Tim Yohanon, Skatanixs, Dumdumtak, Gangbuster and Bugstar.
What more do you want? Great performance,Great Band with affordable entrance fee,let us support this event.Let us make it remembered november evening..Cheers~!
For more info about the event,you can contact Ruhaifi at his cell phone 0123580045.

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