Saturday, November 3, 2007

One Night At The Annexe

The event was around the corner..this is "One Night At The Annexe" bring the performance by local indie bands such as THE FLAMING LUNATICS,COUPLE,DESERTERS,THEY WILL KILL US ALL,THE OTHERSIDE ORCHESTRA,LUNCHBOX,ANGLES ROCK OUT,POPCORN and OH CHENTAKU. The event will take place on 10th of November 2007 at 6:15p.m. The organizer of this event is Micro Music and supported by Week End Mail,ROTTW and Don't Panic. The entrance fee is RM13 per head and special price for ROTTWailers(The members of ROTTW) only RM10 is charged per head.
For more information,you can call Mika-0162650379 or PakTam-0173916286 to ask where the event will be held because I have not receive any infiormation regarding the place.Or you might want to check out the organizer's website


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here's a short review

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