Wednesday, November 29, 2006

RTW7 RockStar : Jerome Kugan

1)Name :
Jerome Kugan

2) Band genre:

3) Negeri:
Originally from Sabah. Based in KL since 2000.

RTW7 RockStar : Reza Salleh

1)Name and your background?:
My name's Reza Salleh and I'm a KL-based singer-songwriter.

2)Music Genre:
Not really sure to be honest. Alternative folk meets pop rock meets jazz meets grunge meets the blues.

3)Start since:
Performing since 1996, writing since 2001.

None yet.

5)Which State in Malaysia?:
alternate between KL and Selangor.

6)Additional Info?:

RTW 7 ROCKSTAR : Nervewreck

Hailing from Selangor Darul Ehsan, the band has been around since 1998, and has many structural changes in terms of its band members, and with that, constantly evolving and diversifying our music styles and progressions. Throughout this time, we had done one demo based on Nervewreck's very first line up in the year 1999 which is no longer available. Later on the band had contributed two songs, "Genocide" and "Suburban" (which can be found on their official myspace account: to a three-way split EP by (now defunct) MONO Collective with Cassandra and Custom Daisy in 2003.

Nervewreck currently comprises of Man on bass, Bakri on drums, Nazmir on guitar and vocals, and John on lead vocals.

The band is currently working on new material and is set to cut out an album in the near future, while constantly experimenting new sounds and concepts to thread into new tracks. Metal, hardcore and other technically aggressive styled music is ultimately the fuel that drives their musical creativity, but because all the band members come from diverse musical backgrounds/ listening interests, genre's such as punk rock and even indie rock is no stranger to the contents of their music.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

RTW7 RockStar : Throne Away

1) Band Members:
Emir Syazwan (Vocals)
Hiro Maekawa (Bass)
Ian Koren (Guitars)
Rudy Khaw (Drums)

2) Band Genre:
Post-Hardcore/Alternative Rock/Pop

3) Started Since:
Early 2004

4) Mini-album/EP:
This Accident Was Meant To Be - 2005

5) Our Motherstate:
Selangor, Malaysia

6) Additional Info:
Official Website -
MySpace -
PureVolume -

RTW7 RockStar : Lucy In The Loo

Band members :

Hana - Vocals/Guitars
Syamil - Guitars
Ali Johan - Drums
*sessionist on bass

Genre :

Powerpop / Indie / Garage Rock

Born :

Somewhere in 2001

Which State in Malaysia?:

Bandar Baru Bangi

Demo/EP/Compilation :

1. Album Bersama (Split EP with Elm Kids) 2004 Crash Over Records
2. People and Things (EP) 2004 Pet Projects
3. Panic in Peninsular Compilation (Each Other's Circle) 2005 Disarseter Records
4. Sugarhigh (EP) 2005 Self produced
5. Radio Malaya Compilation (Loser Lullaby) 2006 BodySurf Music

Additional Info :

Monday, November 27, 2006

RTW7 RockStar: Y2K

Band Members:
Hermano Grande (lead guitar & vocals)
Monsieur Poubelle (bass guitar & vocals)
The Naq (drums)

Band Genre:
a blistering barrage of pop,
punk rock, hip-hop, metal and ska in English, Malay,
French and Japanese.

Started Since:

Which State In Malaysia?:


Saturday, November 25, 2006

RTW 7 RockStar: Tempered Mental

1. Band members :

Melina William(Bass and Vocals)
Jack (Guitars)
Jimmy Tan (Drums)

2. Band Genre :


3. Started Since :

February 2002


Single : Honestly
Album : our 1st album will be out hopefully end of this year or early next year.

Friday, November 24, 2006

RTW 7 RockStar : One Buck Short

1)Band Members :
Rahul - guitars

Mooky - vocals

Izal - bass

Imran - drums

2)Band genre:
Punk / rock / alternative

3)Started Since:

4)Demo/EP :
1st EP - Where's the Mouse - 2003

1st Album - HALAL & LOVING IT - DECEMBER 2006

5)Which State In Malaysia?:
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

6)Additional Info:

RTW 7 RockStar : X-cited Screamers

1)Band Members:
Fareeq - Vocals
Alel- Guitar
Dennis- Guitar
Wan - Bass

2)Band genre :
A mixture of rock & metal

3)Started Since:

Demo: Experiment No 1b (2000)
EP: Home Sweet Home (2003)
Album: Start The Engine (2005)

5)Which State In Malaysia?:

RTW 7 RockStar : The Times


Rock n Roll band from Malaysia. The Band was formed on 31st August 2004 by two Brothers Naza and Mono, who are really into British culture and musical influences. Not long after that, Alem (ex- Nerd), Hamzah (DJ Acid Mods), and Irfan (Ex- A.C.A.B) joined the party after realizing that they have common taste and interest. The Beatles, The Who, Rolling Stones, Smith, Oasis and Stone Roses are among our favorites and inspiration. These are the bands that influenced us in terms of lyrics and songwriting as well as fashion and attitude... The band focus on ideas, creativity, originality and attitude... On 30 November 2004 the band released their 1st album entittled "Soda pop Rok n Rol". The album was nominated Top 5 best new artist to Anugerah Industri Muzik Malaysia 2005. an elegantly noisy pop celebration. By now their live shows were being talked of as something very special and they'd built an extensive, committed fan base...

RTW 7 RockStar : The Sofa Sessions

1) Band members :
Ariff Akhir (vocals & guitar)
Shahril Eashak (bass)
Shahriz Eashak @ Aie (drums & vocals)

2) Band genre :

3) Started Since :
15 December 2004

4) Demo / EP :
Five Songs (EP)

5) Which State In Malaysia? :
Kuala Lumpur

6) Additional Info :
Website -
Myspace -

RTW 7 RockStar : They Will Kill Us All

1)Band Members:
ihsan- drums
amir - bass
edwin - guitars
david - guitars
synthfizul - vox

2)Band genre:
'noise pop'

3)Started Since:
somewhere around 2004

none right now

5)Which State In Malaysia?:

6)Additional Info:
Nothing much. We're still writing songs to fit the concept of the album.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

RTW 7 ROCKSTAR : Broken Scar

1)Band Members :
Broken Scar is a solo project by Kevin Teh as the singer/guitarist/songwriter. There are various musicians involved in the Broken Scar Project both for recording and live performances and they are:

Additional musicians involved in the recording of the debut album, Midnight In St. Kilda:
Alda Tan - Bass,
Manshaan - Drums,
Paul Chuah - Lead Guitars For "Scratch"
Zack Kim - Lead Guitars For "Down" & "Soul Reaper"
Shelley Leong - Piano For "Hey You"
Musicians involved in live shows are:
Alda Tan - Bass
Manshaan - Drums
Alex Ang - Drums
Zack Kim - Lead Guitar
Paul Chuah Lead Guitar
Fadily - Lead Guitar
(The live band is normally a 4-piece and the members above inter-change)

2)Band genre :
Alternative / Rock / Acoustic

3)Started since:
January 2003

4)Demo/EP :
1. Album - Midnight In St Kilda. Independent. 2006
2. Compilation Album - Voices From Next Door. Troubadours Enterprize. 2006
3. Compilation Album - Panic In The Peninsula. Disarseter Records. 2005

5)Which State In Malaysia?:

6)Additional Info About This Band:
Broken Scar recently played two solo shows in Melbourne. Melbourne University and Hard Rock Cafe Melbourne.


He spills his heart out when he writes and sings with his eyes closed. Stemmed from a deep-rooted love for playing the electric guitar in his high school years, it is the acoustic guitar that Kevin Teh is most comfortable writing his material with nowadays. The result is simple melodies peppered with a slight rock edge providing a listening experience comparable to that of a mellower Creed and The Goo Goo Dolls. Despite musical influences ranging from an array of styles from jazz to heavy metal the Broken Scar sound appropriately accentuates Kevin's full-bodied voice.

Early listeners will remember that Broken Scar began as a solo singer-songwriter outfit in January 2003 just Kevin and his trusty acoustic guitar. These days Broken Scar features a lineup including Alda Tan (Cosmic Funk Express) on bass and Manshaan (Dragon Red) on drums, with Kevin still at the helm. Alda, who is an excellent arranger, has certainly added his personal touch to the songs with his melodic basslines. Manshaan, who is used to playing faster and more furious music, helped steer the songs into an edgier dimension. Kevin enjoys both the more mellow acoustic tone when performing solo as he does the fullness and higher energy level of playing with the band.

17 June 2005 marked a new chapter in the Broken Scar books as the band played their debut gig at Paul's Place, an intimate candle-lit setting with friends and fellow musicians in attendance. Having played at venues including various Starbucks outlets (KLue and Starbucks Chill Out Series), Le Benardin (Shelley Leong's Songwriters Avenue), Paul's Place, JamAsia, different spots and stages for Fete de la Musique (2004, 2005) and even Malacca for the inaugural opening of a Starbucks outlet, Broken Scar hopes to continue performing actively in the local music arena.

Best known for his song 'Scratch', audiences have been noted to request for the song to be played (one even cheekily yelled out ' Garu' the literal equivalent in Malay) and singing along to its infectious chorus. 'Scratch' paints an accusive scenario interlaced with rhetorical questions, evoking emotions tied to moments spent reminiscing the turning points in relationships. The electric guitar is featured prominently with a striking solo, retreating to provide creative embellishments throughout the song.

Currently Broken Scar has released their debut album, Midnight In St. As true believers in the spirit of camaraderie, talented peers have been roped in to collaborate on the project.

The Broken Scar story is still very much in its early chapters but one thing is clear throughout it is undeniably the support of family, good friends and faithful listeners that continues to make this experience so rewarding.

8)Band Contact:
For gig updates and random blog posts, visit
Feel free to participate in my thread at
Direct any questions or comments to

:: Rock The World 7 ::

Rock The World is the greatest rock festival ever in Malaysia that bring out the 'silent' talented band to perform on the stage,and now it come again but this time there will be 50 artist and more amazingly 3stages.It will be held on 16th December 2006 (3.00p.m) at Stadium Merdeka, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Better get your tickets early before it's too late.This is the prove that underground music still alive and show your support, guyz~! I cant wait for this 16th December comes~!!