Thursday, May 17, 2007

Some thought by my International Friend (Reprobate)

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With a self review like that I almost didn't go.

But then I thought it could be worse, you could talk it up and say it's fantastic and then I'd go over and be bitterly disappointed.

So without any high expectations I checked them out. And the first two were pretty ordinary.

But this one: I like.

I have not heard of any of the bands. I may not even like their music. But I love the fact (and I'm hoping you were the originator of the material and didn't scrape it from someone elses site) that you made a blog about Malaysian bands.

Keep updating it. Provided of course you haven't exhausted the talent pool of bands in Malaysia. I don't know, I've never come across any of these bands before. But it's good that someone is taking the time to let the world know.

I got this thought after i submit this blog's URL to be critique.Thanks for the thought man..I'm really relieved when someone can appreciate my work.

::Malayabands Admin ::

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