Sunday, July 20, 2008


What's the story?
Skatanixs formed since 1999 in Georgetown,Penang. All of the band members have the same interest in skateboarding and in music (punkrock and hardcore).ten foot pole, baken beans, mxpx, gorilla biscuit, seasick pirates and snapcase was the bands that influence them to form 'Skatanixs'. Starting from year 2008, they have added two new line-up that is Acik and Ali from 'No Mode'

The current 'Skatanixs' Lineup is..
Ruhaifi - Guitar/vocals
Acik - Guitar
- Bass
Arn - Drums


Currently,they have launched the new EP entitled "SkatePunk".This EP contains 5 songs including re-produce song from their previous EP,entitle "SkatePunk".

Malayaband's Choice Song!

How to get their EP?
You can visit their myspace page at and make the order directly from them.

Malayaband's Comment about the band?
For those that love MXPX or New Found Glory,you would like to love the songs from this band since the voice of Skatanixs' vocalist remind me to the vocalist's voice of both bands (MXPX and New Found Glory).


When I blogging about this band, they probably still performing at Ayer Keroh,Melaka for "Best of Indie 2008" event. Formed since 2007, this group got their band names by combining "Romance+Romansa=Romancesa".I just heard all 4 of their Malay songs that they uploaded in their myspace. Their song entitles "Kembali" have caught my attention. Energetic sorrow sound that you will not find from any other song. I can't describe more about it; maybe you should listen to it by yourself and judge them.

Want to listen to their songs?
You may go to their Myspace - Romancesa
Or Listen to...

Malayaband's song choice!

You like Romancesa?
You can buy their EP entitle "Romantika". Make the order by contact them via myspace. The price of the EP is only RM6.
Or maybe one of the shirts that displayed at above has caught your eyes? You can contact Romancesa via myspace to get them for RM27 per tshirt.

I've heard their songs "Kembali" for three times in the row right now. But I still can't get enough of it. Hope they will produce more great songs in the future. Keep it up guys.
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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Best Of Indie 2008

Tomorrow (20th of July 2008) gonna be the enjoyable time for all indie lovers because there are 14 bands gonna perform tomorrow.This event gonna be held at Stadium Mini Bestari,Ayer Keroh,Melaka.
For those Melaka people,make sure don't miss this event because all bands that gonna perform tomorrow are the most influenced band in Malaysia.
The pre-sale ticket is RM19 each but the price will be RM22 if you buy at the event.The event gonna started at 1 p.m. till end.For those that still wanna buy pre-sale ticket (I hope they are not sold out!),you can reach Zam at 0172060589 or Fara at 0176613130.

Before this event start,I found out something weird about the list of the bands.The event entitle "Best Of Indie" but how did BunkFace got in the list? Don't they into some kind of pop punk sound? Ah,forget about that,they produce great sound anyway! I've heard a couple of their songs and I think they deserve to perform tomorrow.

For those who want to know more about the bands,here is the list of the band's myspace URLs.Get to know them more! I can't find Adam's Band Myspace URL,sorry for this inconvinience.

Best Of Indie 2008 Bands List:
The Rhaman
Adam's Band
The Trends
Bintang Batu
The Flaming Lunatics
Romantic Fools Club