Sunday, March 23, 2008

Bulgarian Language now available for Bulgarian Backgammons player by Backgammon Masters


Good news for all the readers that love to play backgammon,
Famous backgammon online website, have announced that they have added Bulgarian language into their website.Before this have served the player with several languages such as French, German, Spanish, English, Portuguese, Danish, Hebrew, Arabic, Turkish, Greek, Chinese, Italian and Japanese.There was about 14 languages avaiable for the player to choose.To change from one language to other language,players just have to log into All-in-One Game Lobby and pick the languages by click on the country flag that represents the language.The next languages to be added soon into this website are Russian and Dutch.
By new added language feature in this website, surely have attracted players all around the world to play backgammon at their site.Besides that, have served the players with not only backgammon but Poker, Blackjack21 and Perudo also. The most interesting is player can earn money if have a luck by playing games that served by this website. also announced that they have launch a LIVE Customer Support to help the player that have a problem while playing backgammon or other games at their website.So the player will not have to wait for a long period to have the solution since the player can directly contact the support to guide them.

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